CS3 – Canberra Strobist Shootout !

Sunday May 6th, a foggy and bitterly cold morning, thankfully by 11 am, the sun made an appearance and stayed for rest of the day. It was a glorious fall day in Canberra. We had a great turn out with over a dozen models, some MUAs and 5 togs. Although the Meet was about using strobes I decided to go natural light; No additional lighting or reflectors. Its an area that i need more work in and so took the opportunity of the very sunny day and a variety of models to explore and play. I only used my 5D III and 50mm f1.4 lens.

I am sorry but I dont remember everyone’s name, so if you would like your credits ping me with the image number and your name. Ditto for who was doing makeup 🙂


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